Action Against Hunger

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Foundation of Northern New Jersey Inc.
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What is Action Against Hunger?

Action Against Hunger Food Drive was started in 1991 after The Record ran a story detailing how many people suffer the pangs of hunger in affluent northern New Jersey. The Food Drive grew from a single collection site to 138 in 2005. The drive now includes many major supermarket chains operating in northern New Jersey.

Where do I donate food?

Action Against Hunger only collects food every fall, during its annual food drive.

Can I donate food throughout the year?

If you wish to donate food at other times of the year, please check our pantry listings and donate directly to the pantry nearest you.

What kind of food can I donate?

Any type of non-perishable food. Please do not donate anything packaged in glass. A list of most-needed items can be found here.

Can I donate other things?

Yes. Paper products, disposable diapers, or items used for personnel hygiene are accepted.

I'd like to get my school involved. How can we all help?

A school "service group" or class can collect food and deliver it to a collection site during the food drive. A school can also volunteer to staff a site or collect funds and make a donation.

Where does the food go after it's collected?

The collected food is stored at numerous pantries in Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Essex counties for distribution to those in need.

Is Action Against Hunger just a one-day event?

Our annual food drive is a one-day event each fall.

How do I get food from Action Against Hunger?

Food is distributed to those in need by the pantries served by our program. Click here to find the food pantry nearest you.

What if I have more questions?

Contact us at (201) 280–5501